The Shelf Deli Cafe

The Shelf Deli Cafe

Words: Christian McEwen | Photography: Supplied

“Manhattan meets Melbourne at the Pines Shopping Centre”

A Stone’s throw away from the beautiful beaches of Currumbin – Palm Beach on the southern end of the Gold Coast located at The Pines Shopping Centre. The Shelf Deli Cafe, and the definition of convenience.

I was returning from my local surf-spot: Currumbin Alley. The onset of hunger was emerging, or more like the need for intense calorie and caffeine replenishment.

The Shelf Deli Cafe

“Attracted by the bold aroma of espresso”

I also knew that the inevitable weekly task of grocery shopping duties were looming and decided I could replenish and snag a few groceries at the same time. The Pines Shopping Centre was the obvious choice.

Within minutes I had located a carpark and found myself entering the centre. Only to be attracted by the aroma of bold espresso splaying out from the Shelf Deli Cafe. It was that good!!

The Shelf Deli Cafe

My senses rapidly switched to auto-pilot, as my body laboured to keep up. I found myself ordering my usual brew, “A double shot flat-white please”. Deciding to for a slice of Banoffee pie to complement.

You generally know if it’s mediocre, pretty good or ‘damn that’s good” the moment you take your very first sip. No mistaking it was the latter!!

The Shelf Deli Cafe

As the slight bitterness of the crema coated my top lip, the notable tannins were balanced sweetly by the ‘flawless extraction’ made by the barista.

‘The Banoffee Pie was the merit of balance’. As the candied caramel and banana stood fondant, the super fresh cream and buttery base cut it to perfection. ‘I was in a feverish state of divine consumption rapt till the very last drop and bite!!’

The Shelf Deli Cafe

“Undeniable distinction of the Deli Cabinet”

Whilst regaining my composure noticing I’d only seen the tip of the ice-burg as the deli cafe showcased its undeniable distinction the ‘Deli Cabinet. Boasting an enormous display of purposefully laid-out salads, fluffy salmon patties, Turkish wraps with multiple filling, assortment of savoury slices – tarts – pre-made meals to grab and go, and so much more.

As you graze along the assortment of fine food within the cabinet, ‘take a slight look up’ and you’re greeted with a bounty of freshly-baked muffins, scones served with fresh whipped cream and jam; a sturdy favourite and well noted for my next visit.

As you enter the sweet section it becomes very apparent the amount of love and attention dedicated to satisfy all taste-buds, is testament to the relentless stream of customers flowing in to dine and take-away, creating a bustling hub, ‘a centrepiece of activity within the centre.

The Shelf Deli Cafe

“It defines a genre of excellence”

As the mingling patrons in conversation enjoy their food on tall seating provided that sprawls out into the centre creating a relaxed casual atmosphere you could be mistaken for being anywhere else besides a shopping precinct.

With a ‘Manhattan meets Melbourne feel’; the wait staff super engaging and eager to assist you in making your selection, it defines a ‘genre of excellence’. Being clear and concise from the get-go. “It just feels right.”

There is no confusion of what’s on offer for the undecided, it’s laid out in front of you.
It’s a Deli Cafe, The Shelf Deli Cafe!!

The Shelf Deli Cafe

Absolute must-tries:


  • G.F Sweet Potato & Goats Cheese with Caramelized Onion Muffin
  • Beef Lasagne
  • G.F Bacon & Zucchini Slice


  • Banoffee Pie – by the slice or buy the whole damn thing!!
  • Carrot cake
  • Lemon Passionfruit Cheesecake


Shop 31 The Pines Shopping Centre Cnr Guineas Creek Rd &, K P McGrath Dr, Elanora QLD 42


Monday 7am–5:30pm
Tuesday 7am–5:30pm
Wednesday 7am–5:30pm
Thursday 7am–5:30pm
Friday 7am–5:30pm
Saturday 7am–5:30pm
Sunday 8:30am–2:30pm

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